Some of you already discovered the Grand Trawler 62 during our VIP weekend on the days 30 Y 31 of January of 2021 en Monfalcone (Italy).

The few privileged visitors were delighted in the tests carried out last week during the sea trials demonstrating its navigability and maneuverability in any sea condition.

Now we suggest you come and try it on the days 10, 11 Y 12 and the days 16, 17 Y 18 April in Monfalcone (Italy).

During these 6 days we can welcome you during 2 slots per day, of 9:00 am a 13:00 pm and from 14:00 pm a 18:00 pm.

During these 4 hours, discover the production line with the helmet first, the manufacturing process and then discover the boat on the dock, from where you can take a navigation tour of 2 hours (according to weather conditions) while we share a friendly moment with a snack.

The sea trial will be billed € 400 which will be reimbursed when ordering the boat.

We can organize your request, a private driver from the airport and / or from the hotel, We can send you a quote to validate this service if you wish by previously requesting it to the following email:

Marco Bonilla

Remember to ask us for the reservation date. The road book and the appointment confirmation will be sent to you, so you can organize the trip easily.

We will be happy to show you around as well.

Until then, if you want more information about this model, check our dedicated tab with all the details in the following link: