What type of boat to choose??; Motorized fishing boat, cruising yacht, sailboat adapted to coastal or offshore sailing ... choosing a boat can be tricky with so many different models and sizes that exist. In order to see it more clearly before buying a boat, It is therefore important to determine your navigation project. What you. you are a seasoned boater or you want to buy your first boat, MARINA BENALMÁDENA helps you ask yourself the right questions before choosing your boat.

Choose a boat : define your navigation project
The pleasure of shopping, buying a life, acquiring a boat is a very important moment in the life of the sailor. Perfectly defining your navigation project, you can choose the boat adapted to your wishes and needs.

Before launching into the search, think carefully about what you want to do with your future boat. For example :

Sailing boat or motor boat?
What motor : diesel or gasoline?
Are you looking. a boat to do day trips ?
Do you want. a boat adapted to go fishing?
What element of comfort would you not be willing to compromise on? (deck space, presence of a cabin ...)?
Would you like to buy a cruise ship to leave for long stays, see a round the world?
Boat, Should it be adapted for water sports (wakeboard, water ski) ? In this case, a fairly powerful engine will have to be provided.
Do you want to participate in regattas? In this case, the boat should be fairly light and efficient.
Have you thought about the number of passengers you want to board during your outings to sea?
What length for the boat? Attention that this length of the boat corresponds well to its port position.
What draft for the boat? This question is important, since the keel determines the place where the boat will sail.
Answering these various questions, you should start to have a more precise idea of ​​the boat that best suits your navigation program. What's more, if you still hesitate between a motor boat or a sailboat, now I should be able to see it more clearly.

If you need advice, Do not hesitate to contact us!!